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Related Efforts Supported by Believers Bail Out

 Mass Bailout of Women and Children at Rikers Island

Mass Bailout of Women and Children at Rikers Island

 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike

2018 Nationwide Prison Strike

 Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)

Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)


Past Events and Links to Resources

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BBo End of summer celebratory event

To celebrate the success from Ramadan, BBO held an end of summer barbecue at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club in partnership with Sirat Chicago, Alif Schoolhouse and The Center for Muslim Life.


disrupting the school to prison pipeline (Webinar)

BBO hosted policy advocates and activists to discuss zero tolerance policies, the unequal impact on Black and Latinx students, youth with disabilities, and the Counselors Not Cops initiative. Link to our webinar, featuring Andrea Ortez (Partnership for Resilience), Beatriz Beckford (MomsRising) and Dr. Shantel Meek (Children's Equity Project), can be found below.


Muslim perspectives on prison abolition

In this community-led discussion we discussed resources, and the roles incarceration, prison reform and prison abolition play within the Muslim Ummah in Chicago, the United States and abroad. This event was intended to shed light on these important subjects and foster a rich community conversation.


believers bail out webinar

Our introduction to Believers Bail Out:

“Money bail targets poor people of color, takes away their freedom and puts their families, communities and lives in danger. This Ramadan, pay your Zakat to bail out believers and join the movement to end mass incarceration.”